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International Trade Forum

The quarterly magazine of the International Trade Centre

Based in Geneva, the International Trade Centre (ITC) is the joint technical cooperation agency of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). As the trade development arm of the UN, its mission is to deliver practical support and solutions to businesses to expand exports from developing countries.

After delivery a new brand strategy and positioning for the ITC, Gen.a subsequently worked on a series of ITC projects including the re-launch and re-design of ITC’s global publication, International Trade Forum magazine.

Between 2008 and 2011, we worked closely with ITC as Associate Editors and designers of International Trade Forum. Our role included research and content planning, commissioning of articles, writing and editing through to design and art working of the quarterly magazine across a diverse range of themes including:

DATE 2008-2011
CLIENT International Trade Centre
PROJECT International Trade Forum Magazine
INDUSTRY International Trade & Development

International Trade Centre Brand Strategy

Brand Bangladesh

Brand Botswana

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