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    The Australia Awards is an Australia Government-funded scholarship program that every year enables nearly 4,000 recipients from 160 countries to undertake further study, research and development in Australia.

    The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) commissioned Gen.a to develop a new brand strategy for the Australia Awards. Underpinned by a whole of government approach, the strategy positions the Australia Awards as one of the world’s most prestigious ‘leadership for development’ programs.

    With the strategy fully endorsed by the Board; the Australia Awards Secretariat subsequently engaged Gen.a to bring the new brand to life through the creation of a new visual identity and guidelines, communications strategy and training program.

    From a design perspective, our challenge was to create an identity that reflected the prestige of the program, acknowledged key stakeholders and resonated with multiple international markets. Our design solution, featuring the Commonwealth Coat of Arms, was launched in early 2013.

    We also developed an integrated communications strategy and delivered comprehensive training guidelines to support the engagement process as the new brand is rolled out across multiple partner countries.

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    Penrith City Council

    Recognised as a ‘Regional City’ by the New South Wales State Government’s 25-year plan, Penrith has an important role in contributing to the future growth needs of Greater Sydney.

    Penrith City Council engaged Gen.a to develop a new brand strategy and identity to take advantage of its ‘Regional City’ status and leverage Penrith’s economic and social development potential.

    We developed a fully integrated place brand strategy that unified the vision for Penrith’s business, tourism, environment and social development. At the core of our approach was a move away from the long-standing tradition of focusing on Penrith’s physical attributes towards putting people and community pride at the heart of the new brand.

    From a visual identity point-of-view, inspired by mapping symbols, the brand mark takes the form of a unique ‘P’ for Penrith. It’s inherently friendly, bold and immediately recognisable form literally puts Penrith on the map and symbolises Penrith’s vibrant new attitude as the ‘New West’.

    The ‘Penrith is Here’ campaign has been brought to life through a range of events and an extensive ambassador program including champion kayaker, Jessica Fox, carrying the identity on her kayak at the London Olympics, and the personal endorsement of businessman Mark Bouris.

    The new brand platform is already attracting significant attention outside the City and dramatically shifting external perceptions of Penrith as a place to live, work and invest in.

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    Virgin Live

    Gen.a has been working with the Virgin Group on a number of projects within the ‘family’ including concept development for new global initiatives and the launch of Virgin Live.

    A new global promotion venture between Dainty Group and Virgin Group, Virgin Live aims to “shake up live touring by putting the fan’s experience right at the heart of every show they promote.”

    In launching the new venture, Founder and Chairman of Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, said “Virgin Live plans to make a real difference to how fans experience, interact and enjoy live events – Virgin Live gigs will be truly people driven.”

    Gen.a was engaged to develop a brand identity for the venture to support its launch and promote the Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary Tour.

    The Virgin Live identity is challenging, distinctive and innovative. It is about transformation and movement – being seen as constantly re-inventing itself and challenging the expectations of its audiences. Whether seen on screen or in print, the logo is continuously changing and adapting its type style to the surrounding environment.

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    UNGC Communication On Progress Report 2014

    Download 2014’s UNGC Communication On Progress Report here.

    UNGC Communication On Progress Report 2015

    Download 2015′s UNGC Communication On Progress Report here.

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